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ETAM Group

Use case coming soon! Discover how the ETAM Group, a word leader in female clothing, has been able to transform and centralise customer relations with easiware.



VIDEO - Discover how Meetic, a European leader in dating websites and apps, has been able to help lovers by improving its customer relations management with the all in one easiware platform.


Native advertising's ascent

Take a look at these infographics showing how this buzzword rose and established itself as an unavoidable reality for B2C companies.You will be able to download it soon!

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The 2018 Customer Relations KPIs Barometer

Discover the key indicators for Customer Relations services in France in 2018: numbers and analyses over the different customer channels, new trends and KPIs you need to monitor. What can you learn ab [...]


Your customers aren't issue numbers

Real customer relations aren't about solving issues constantly. You need to learn to immediately recognise a customer, whatever the channel through which he reaches out, and answer him by taking into [...]



Beyond its management of complaints, easiware is now the pivotal point between Bonduelle and its customers. Its customer relations management is now fully handled through the easiware platform.



Discover how Nuxe's success is due to how much the brand cares about the quality of its customer relations management, handled and customised through the easiware all in one platform.



Discover how Caudalie transformed its customer relations management on an international level with the easiware omnichannel platform. Helping this love brand grow!