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12-mar-2019 14:42:15

It’s all about love 

The reign of authoritarian and all-powerful brands is over. The future belongs to brands that nurture peer-to-peer and authentic relationships with their audiences. To those that touch the hearts of people. To those who fit naturally into their lives - love brands, existing or in the making. Brands that are committed to offer everyday the special touch, a soul touch, to make a difference for their customers. 


Customer relations considered as being strategic, at last 

To become and remain love brands, companies must offer, beyond their products and services, a seamless and memorable end-to-end customer experience.

Customer relations are becoming more important with the increasing number of touch points with consumers who share dissatisfaction and enthusiasm on social networks in an unfiltered way. From being considered as a cost center, customer relations become a strategic investment across organisations.

They plays a major role in the brand's reputation and value, and stands out as a true leverage for growth.

The ability to take care of its customers with clear KPIs is more important than ever, and increasingly rewarded in a context where 55% of brands offer a 'poor' experience to their customers *, where 69% of consumers do not buy a brand's products or services after a bad experience and 67% do not recommend it to their networks **.

Customise to mark your difference 

While communication channels and data sources are multiplying, the effective management of interactions is necessary but no longer sufficient to make the difference.

The excellence of customer relations is based on brands' ability to consider people behind the data they collect from them, personalise and enrich their relationship with each of them, in a relevant and contextualised way. 


Customer relations customisation platform

Based on an "all in one" platform designed by its customer relations experts, easiware offers  solutions which include both powerful technology and real care and support for brands that want to invest in truly personalised interactions.



An omnichannel platform that collects and consolidates all customer requests and data to provide a unified and contextualised knowledge of each individual.



A user friendly platform that allows all of the brand's employees to manage customer requests in a fast, efficient and customised way. Whatever the channel, online (website, email, chat, social networks, forums) or offline (stores, phone calls, sms, messaging). 


A collaborative platform that allows brands to build loyalty and generate additional business by creating and maintaining lasting relationships between brands and their customers. An approach based on continuous improvement and proximity with constant understanding and anticipating customer needs.

easiware. A unique platform for customising customer relations to cultivate their customers' love for brands. Solutions to grow brand love.


* Customer Experience Index 2015 from Forrester - 203 studied brands - France

** “Les Français et les marques” study, Emakina-Odoxa agencies 2014

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